Meet Brande Moffatt, PT, MPT, PRPC

Post-graduate education includes extensive training in the area of female/male pelvic floor, incontinence, gynecological issues as they relate to the musculoskeletal and myofascial system, sacroiliac joint mobilization/stabilization, Pilates training on the Reformer, various manual therapy techniques, and exercise prescription for the pregnant, postpartum, menopausal, osteoporotic patient and post oncological patient. Brande graduated in 1994 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science/Physical Education, and in 1999 with a Master’s Degree in Physical Therapy. She started her physical therapy career working in orthopedic and neurological rehabilitation, but quickly discovered her interest in the area of Women’s Health. She actively pursued continuing education and has worked over the last 22 years to develop her specialty for the treatment of pelvic floor dysfunction.

Brande has also completed training in the utilization of sEMG intra-vaginal and intra-rectal biofeedback for the purpose of neuromuscular re-education for dysfunctional voiding and defecation disorders, as well as sexual pain disorders. She is an active member of the Academy of a Pelvic Health Physical Therapy, Section on Women’s Health of the American Physical Therapy Association, the International Pelvic Pain Society, the International Children’s Continence Society, the National Vulvodynia Association, and the Interstitial Cystitis Network. She is the founder and owner of Women’s Health Physical Therapy, in Redding, CA. After qualifying to sit for the inaugural exam in 2014, Brande is amongst the first group of practitioners to receive the designation of PRPC (Pelvic Rehabilitation Practitioner Certification), which distinguishes professionals with expertise in treating men and women with pelvic dysfunction throughout the life cycle, inclusive of bladder, bowel, gynecological, orthopedic, sexual and obstetric topics. Brande has been in private practice for greater than 15 years, and she has an estimated 44,000 hours of working in a pelvic health related specialty.

Brande is a native Kansan, but she relocated to Redding with her husband over 20 years ago. After a lifetime of living in multiple cities and states, she is proud to call Redding “home”. She and her husband share a common background in physical therapy, health and wellness, and together consider their two children among their greatest gifts. Brande’s favorite things in life include, all things chocolate, jewelry, Yoga, Zumba and cupcakes.

Meet Lisa Duncan... Our office manager

Lisa is the vibrant, compassionate and motivating voice you hear on the other end of the phone when you call to schedule, and otherwise known as “Brande’s Right Hand.” She is a native of the Northstate area, and a dedicated and loving mother of two. In 2017, she married Larry Duncan, of Mission Linen, whom she met while working at WHPT. She enjoys hiking, working out, and expressing her creativity in the form of culinary and graphic arts. She has vast professional and organizational experience with running her own business for over a decade, as well as over 15 combined years of ancillary service in the medical field, including vast experience with knowledge of insurance authorization, medical records in various settings, including hospital, podiatry, chiropractics, internal medicine, pharmacy, and physical therapy. She has completed 10 years of valued and dedicated service at WHPT.